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  • The Internship- Episode 4: Meet Allison Warner-Senape

    The Internship- Episode 4: Meet Allison Warner-Senape

    One of my other fellow interns is Allison Warner-Senape. Like me, she is a student at King's College and works within the same internship program. Allison, however, does not work the same days as me, as my schedule at the Chamber revolves on a Monday,Wednesday, Friday rotation, while she comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Regardless, Allison works just as diligently and efficiently as the rest of the Chamber employees. She is astonishing in her work as she handles marketing and other registration details for event setup. On one of the few days were one of us was able to attend a different, I interviewed Allison with my standard interview questions to get a better understanding of my "invisible" co-worker.  I was surprised to learn so much about someone who attends the same school as I do. 


    1. What is your name, the school you attend, and what is the major you are studying?
    My name is Allison Warner-Senape, I currently attend King’s College and I am majoring in Business Administration and Management.
    1. How did you find out about the internship and what prompted you to apply for the position?
    I received an email from the King’s College Office of Career Planning about the Programs and Events internship. I had been interested in event planning and was intrigued to see the Chamber offered a position. I knew I would learn a variety of skills from the Program and Events team at the Chamber that would help me decide on my future career.
    1. What are some of the tasks and responsibilities that you have around the Chamber?
    Some of the tasks and responsibilities I have around the Chamber are creating promotional graphics, preparing event materials, doing event registration, set up, and take down, and editing event programs
    1. What has been your favorite thing/activity since starting the internship?
    One of my favorite activities since starting at the Chamber was attending the Young Professional Awards. I helped with event set up, registration, photography, and got to meet members of the Wilkes-Barre community. It is fun to prepare all of the event materials, but it is a different experience to be a part of the venue set up and interact with the event attendees.
    1. Are there any fun hobbies/activities that you like to do outside the workplace?
    I like Painting, reading, and exercising
    1. What are your plans after the internship and/or after graduation?
    After my internship, I plan to finish up my undergraduate degree at King’s College. I have not chosen a specific career path, but I am keeping an open mind within the field of business.
    1. What do you think you will gain most out of this experience with the Chamber?
    Out of my experience with the Chamber, I think I will gain a variety of skills that I can apply to my future career. In the time I have spent at the Chamber, I have learned to work on projects both independently and collaboratively, which has grown my communication, leadership, and time management skills.
    1. If you could give one piece of advice for future interns, what would it be?
    Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Be open to meeting new people and expanding your network. You never know what those connections will lead you too.

        It is comforting to have a co-worker have your back, even if you don't work at the same times as each other!

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