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  • The Internship- Episode 1: The Author

    The Internship- Episode 1: The Author

    Hello! My name is Christopher Boucher and I am the communications intern for the fall 2019 semester. I will be writing this blog series over the following weeks to journal in my time as intern with the Greater Chamber of Commerce of Wilkes-Barre. For my first entry, I've answered the questions I've interviewed my fellow interns as a way of informing the audience of the person I am. Hopefully, you all will learn something interesting about me! 

    1. What is your name, the school you attend, and what is the major you are studying?
    My name is Christopher Boucher. I am a senior at King’s College of Wilkes-Barre and I am studying English: Professional Writing with a minor in Creative Writing and pursuing a teacher’s certificate.
    1. How did you find out about the internship and what prompted you to apply for the position?
    I found out about the internship during my junior of undergraduate. The Chamber was at the job/internship fair at my school, which prompted me to apply during the summer session. After a program I did during the summer, I reapplied for the fall semester and was accepted into the internship.
    1. What are some of the tasks and responsibilities that you have around the Chamber?
    Some of the tasks that I do are proofreading memos, email blasts, and other materials that are being sent out to the members of the Chamber or other people that participate in our events. I will often do physical labor in the ways of setting up events. But the main project that I have been working on this past semester is the Annual Dinner and doing many jobs in the service of that event.
    1. What has been your favorite thing/activity since starting the internship?
    I think my favorite thing to do since I started my internship has been proofreading materials for the Chamber. I’ve participated in many English writing classes over the last four years, so it is nice to see what I’ve learned and how I am applying it to the real world.
    1. Are there any fun hobbies/activities that you like to do outside the workplace?
    I am a part of the King’s College Men’s Swim Team, to which I practice six times a week. I’m also the president of the Comic Book and Media Club at King’s College, where we discuss all matter of nerdy topics. I also like to write and read in my spare time.
    1. What are your plans after the internship and/or after graduation?
    My plans seem to shift at various moments. One path that I think I might be pursuing is coming back to King’s for one more year and getting my teacher’s certificate. All I do know is that I dream on becoming a novelist one day and I’m going to everything I can to achieve that ambition.
    1. What do you think you will gain most out of this experience with the Chamber?
    I think I will gain real work experience with both my writing and other skills. One of my prominent jobs that I have had these past few years is being a lifeguard. Working at the Chamber has provided me with hands on experience to take on tasks that require my imagination and focus.
    1. If you could give one piece of advice for future interns, what would it be?
    My advice would be that to enjoy the tasks that they assign you. While some assignments might be a little boring, you have to take away from the experience that you are improving your job skills for the real world. The people here are extremely helpful and they only want to see you improve yourself for what awaits you when you are finished with the internship.

    This concludes my first blog post but I promise there will be more fun content to come!

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