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  • Meet the 2017 Young Professional of Year Award Nominees: Remington Sweeney

    Meet the 2017 Young Professional of Year Award Nominees: Remington Sweeney

    Knitter, avid runner, and wine enthusiast, Remington is a lover of the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area.  She is a proud mom of two beautiful, witty girls and a ferocious beast named Sophie.  When she is not running errands in her “active wear”, she can be found working as a Document Management Specialist at Edwards Business Systems.  Her talents in business and sales began at a young age and grew while studying at The University of South Florida.

    After college, her career began in the publishing and e-commerce industries before she planted roots in document management at Edwards Business Systems.  It was through this business’s culture, Remington found the perfect balance of career and community.  Working for a company that is ever-changing in technology and business while helping the community is quite the powerful combination.  It was here at Edwards, she was introduced to new people with big ideas that helped shape the person she is today.  She also enjoys the top-notch President’s Club vacations. (Fingers crossed for Portugal!) 

    Remington is not limiting herself to sales and business.  She can also be found selling wooden spoons and t-shirts at the Tomato Festival with her children, helping with various women’s organizations, or running for local causes.  Thirsty?  She also volunteers at the Brewsterhout Rooftop Party benefiting the Osterhout Library.  Remington loves the community in which she lives and is proud to be part of the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area.  

    Q: What does being a business or community leader mean to you? 
    A: Community or business leaders inspire others with their passion to create a better future both personally and professionally. By building for generations to come, leaders believe in the possibilities of the community and place of work.  They are servant leaders that help motivate and mentor others. 
    Q:   What advice would you give to young professionals in Greater Wilkes-Barre who want to have a positive impact on the community? 
    A: The only advice I would give to anyone who wants to have a positive impact on their community would be…TO GET INVOLVED!!! It is amazing what one person can accomplish.  By getting involved, you will meet like-minded individuals who have similar goals and will introduce you to community projects and organizations you didn’t even know existed!  Not only this, but you will make some life-long friends in the process!

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