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  • Meet the 2017 Young Professional of Year Award Nominees: Caitlyn Thomas

    Meet the 2017 Young Professional of Year Award Nominees: Caitlyn Thomas

    Caitlyn Thomas, a 27 year old from Dallas, is a full time student at Misericordia University, and the Director of Philanthropy at A. Pickett Construction, Inc. in Kingston, Pa. Caitlyn has always had the want to help others throughout her life and started her journey of service when she was just sixteen years old, when she ventured to the southern states to help with-the relief of Hurricane Katrina. She explains this experience as eye opening to the reality of what our world has to endure every day. From those very crucial moments she spent cleaning up and rebuilding houses, she vowed to not only herself but to her community that she would be a stepping stone to a better tomorrow.
    Today, Caitlyn continues to persevere in her community services and has incorporated it into her company duties. She has recently received the title of Director of Philanthropy at A. Pickett Construction, Inc. because she explained to her superiors that business should  be a place of not only monetary profit but also moral profit. "Money is temporary, but instilling a moral platform in ourselves and implementing that into our community, lasts forever." Caitlyn has been involved in many company community events including, A. Pickett Construction's Golf Tournament which benefits the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  She conducted the fundraising efforts within the community to help lead to the $10,000 we were able to give to the efforts of helping children of tomorrow. She is currently taking lead on a book bag drive that benefits the children of the Women with Children Program at Misericordia University.  She has also had a hand  in many  other  events  including the following: 

    2007 Mission Trip, Hurricane Katrina Clean Up and Rebuild, Volunteer
    2008- Present CEO, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Volunteer
    2015 Fallen Officer Fund, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Event Organizer
    2015 The Day of Caring, Wilkes- Barre, PA, Volunteer
    2016- Present Holy Family Food Drive, Kingston, PA, Volunteer
    2016- Present Toys for Tots Drive, Kingston, PA, Volunteer
    2016 Pride MC LCCF Lunch, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Volunteer
    2017 A. Pickett St. Jude’s Golf Tournament, Kingston, PA, Event Organizer (Annual)
    2017 Women with Children Book Bag Drive, Kingston, PA, Event Organizer (Annual)
    2017 SPCA Supplies Drive, Kingston, PA, Event Organizer (Annual)

    Q: What does being a business or community leader mean to you?
    A: When I hear the word leader I think of ONE person. I like to look at myself as an influencer, a small piece of the pie. Now, don’t get me wrong when I say small, because my voice, our voices, project loudly through our passion, channeling vibes that are inviting to all. With this we can communicate on a different level within our business’s and in our community. Being able to be an influencer on many platforms, in such a prominent time is an honor. I am proud to stand with all my fellow influencers and make the difference we set out to do, everyday!

    Q: What advice would you give to young professionals in Greater Wilkes-Barre who want to have a positive impact on the community?
    A: The best advice I think that I can give is, be human. Take all your experiences in life, good and bad, and apply them to your work. Drop your walls and let go of your fears, at this point you will be fully ready to make the positive impact that you are setting out to make. Let us be the positive influence on others!


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