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  • From the Intern Desk: Samantha Midkiff

    From the Intern Desk: Samantha Midkiff

    Welcome back to the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce’s blog series, From the Intern Desk, written by Ashlee Harry. Today, we will be featuring another one of our fall interns. Samantha Midkiff is the Chamber’s Programs and Events intern.  
    Sam is a Communication and Design major at Misericordia University and this is her last semester. She will be graduating in December. She began her internship with the Chamber back in August.
    Question and Answer Time!
    I sat down with Sam and she discussed with me her experience with the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce so far.
    How did you decide to apply as an intern for the Chamber?
    “My advisor told me about the possible internship. I also know two other students who interned at the Chamber and told me how much they loved it and got out of it.”
    What has been your most positive experience at work so far?
    “The most positive experience has been having everyone be nice and understanding while I ask questions!" 
    Can you summarize your typical work day?
    “I start my day by asking what is needed of me and complete whatever those tasks may be. Lately, I’ve been working on any and all upcoming events and helping in any way that I can.” 
    What do you hope to learn and accomplish here at the Chamber?
    “I hope to gain a new perspective of knowledge when it comes to event planning, business connections, and creativity.”
    What are the other interns like?
    “Everyone seems to be very nice, and we’re getting along quite nicely. We can all work together on anything we need to.”
    What has been your biggest take-away(s) from this experience?
    “My biggest takeaway is getting to work with and meet new people. I am taking in all the knowledge that they give me.”
    What advice would you give future Chamber interns?
    “Deadlines are important and the work that is assigned to you needs to be done. However, everyone is more laid back than you would think and will help you with anything you need without hesitation or judgement.” 
    Interesting Facts Time!
    As we continued talking, Sam told me a little more about herself and what she does outside of the Chamber. In her free time, Sam enjoys playing video games, watching anime, going hiking, and going out to dinner with friends. However, free time is very scarce now-a-days.
    Sam’s career ambitions center on her getting a full-time job in a field that has to do with public relations, marketing, or event planning. 
    At Misericordia University, Sam is the Station Manager of the university’s radio station called Cougar Radio. She is also a part of her school drama club, called MU Players, in which she performs in the musicals and straight shows, or works backstage as technical director. She is currently playing Kate Nickleby in the upcoming show Nicholas Nickleby.
    Connect with Sam on LinkedIn! 

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