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  • From the Intern Desk: Emelee Toth

    From the Intern Desk: Emelee Toth

    Welcome back to the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce’s blog series, From the Intern Desk. Today, we will be featuring one of our fall interns. Emelee Toth is one of the Chamber’s Communications and Social Media interns.
    Emelee is an English major at Penn State Wilkes-Barre and this is her last semester. She will be graduating in December. She began her internship with the Chamber back in August.
    Question and Answer Time!
    I sat down with Emelee and she discussed with me her experience with the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce so far.
    How did you decide to apply as an intern for the Chamber?
    “My advisor, Dr. Chin, recommended it to me because his previous student, Meghan Flanagan, opened the door for English majors to get an internship at the Chamber, and she was very successful in it! It sounded like a great opportunity.”
    What has been your most positive experience at work so far?
    “I had the opportunity to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony and it was eye-opening in regards to the relationship between the Chamber and its members. I witnessed how we are able to assist a deserving small business grow and increase its reach, which is rewarding.”
    Can you summarize your typical work day?

    “Every day I have a new assignment to work on. Recently, I was writing and editing the bios for the Young Professionals nominees, gathering information on the upcoming Spotlight speakers for their bios, and creating an event page on the Chamber’s Facebook.”
    What do you hope to learn and accomplish here at the Chamber?
    “I hope to gain more experience with writing in various forms, like blog posts and articles, learn more about the editing process, receive a crash course in grant writing, and make connections within the community to discover ways to help improve our area.”
    Have you found a part of this internship that is pushing you toward a future career? What is it?
    “Writing and editing are of great interest to me, and doing both during this internship has only strengthened the desire to centralize a career around those skills.” 
    What are the other interns like?
    “Ashlee is, of course, very accomplished, organized, ambitious, and, last but not least, friendly and helpful. I have only briefly met Samantha, but I already know she is capable and friendly as well.”
    What has been your biggest take-away(s) from this experience?
    “My biggest takeaway is being introduced into the business world via firsthand experience, which is invaluable. Utilizing the skills I have learned in school and from other professional experiences in a real-world setting is great, as it feels like all the pieces are fitting together. My time here has increased my confidence that I am able to competently complete any task.”
    What advice would you give future Chamber interns?
    “Do not be afraid to ask for assignments or opportunities that relate to what you are interested in! Everyone here is willing to alter the course so that you get the most out of your internship.”
    Interesting Facts Time!
            As we continued talking, Emelee told me a little more about herself and what she does outside of the Chamber. In her free time, Emelee loves reading and writing creatively. She also enjoys an occasional gaming binge. When she is not working or doing school work, Emelee likes to go on hikes, write, and catch up on sleep!
            Emelee’s career ambitions are making her dream job a reality by becoming a novel editor. She hopes to get into a publishing company and work her way up within it. At the Penn State Wilkes-Barre campus, Emelee is involved with the campus newspaper, The Revolt, as the secretary. She is also an English tutor on campus.

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