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  • Community Corner: Trion Industries

    Community Corner: Trion Industries

    Trion Industries is a leading display fixture manufacturer with over 25,000 products and 127 patents worldwide.  John Thalenfeld, President and CEO, has been working with Trion since the company’s original manufacturing factory in New York.
    Trion Industries was named after its three founding members who started the company in 1965.  The company’s first CEO was John’s father, Mr. David Thalenfeld, who owned several five-and-dime stores and needed a solution to hang his products from a pegboard display wall.
    “Everyone in the area that might have of heard of Trion probably thinks of us as that peg hook company.  But there is so much more that we create in our 500,000 square foot facility.  We do custom wire forming, we do metal stamping, we do plastic extrusion, we perform machine shop services and way too much more to name.”  The Director of Engineering, Rich Wildrick, continued, “We enjoy providing these services to the business of NEPA to help grow locally, nationally and on a world stage.”
    Their vast product lines include display and scan hooks, shelf management systems, cooler and freezer merchandising systems, storewide labeling systems, anti-theft and security fixtures, bar merchandisers, sign systems, P.O.P. display components and fixture hardware.
    Inside of Trion’s vast computerized production facility you will see the greatest number of state-of-the-art automated wire forming machines of any factory complex in the industry.

    Wildrick stated, “First and foremost is customer satisfaction to us at Trion.  It is key to keep in touch with your customers to see what projects are coming up and what difficulties they may have and how we can address them to find a solution for their store.  A lot of the things that have propelled our new products in the last five years have been changes to packaging designs of products and the shoppers throughout the industry.”
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Brad Cox is proud that, “here at Trion we are a true, real American manufacturing company.  At least 90% of what we do happens under our own roof, which is incredible that we’ve been able to hold to that high standard for over 50 years.”
    A plethora of employees have worked at Trion for over 30 years.  Cox attributed Trion’s sustained success to, “tenured employees with a lot of experience.  That alone sets us apart.  The hard working people that have been here for a long time have a lot of knowledge of the equipment and of the products that we make.  It’s amazing that how closely we work and laugh together like a small company yet we are a big player within the industry.”

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