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  • A Day at the Chamber with Ellie Bartoli

    A Day at the Chamber with Ellie Bartoli

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    The next individual at the chamber to be introduced is Ellie Bartoli. Ellie is a work experience student at the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce and has been for a year. She began working at the chamber in order to gain knowledge and specific job skills that would help her in the future. Prior to our interview, where I would learn more about Ellie and what she does at the chamber, I was a little nervous because it was going to be the first interview I did for my blog series. Right away, Ellie assured me that she had been interviewed before and wasn’t a stranger to this process. Soon, we began talking about what Ellie likes about the chamber and the different tasks she completes in a given day.

    A Day at the Chamber
    Ellie loves the time she spends working at the chamber. Specifically, she enjoys working in an office setting and hopes to continue doing so. Ellie usually works with Lauren Scott, the Operations Manager, but, she also helps all of the staff members. Some of her daily tasks include helping schedule meetings, making copies, shredding papers, and making coffee for the staff. She enjoys helping with everyday office duties and talking with the staff members. Additionally, she has had the chance to sit in on meetings with the chamber staff at the F.M. Kirby Center. Ellie also enjoys working and helping with the various events that the chamber hosts. She has had the opportunity to assist with the Golf Tournament and is already helping with the Young Professionals Awards in September. She was also able to attend and assist with the EPIC Awards and meet with many different people.

    Future in Photography
    On the weekends, Ellie loves to watch the Disney Channel show, Jesse, listen to music, and walk her dog, Gracie. She is also a big-time basketball fan and likes to play during her free time as well. Ellie has a passion for photography and hopes to eventually incorporate this into her future career. Overall, Ellie loves A LOT about the chamber, mainly because she has a strong interest in the work she does. Ellie plans to continue working at the chamber and helping the staff with their daily tasks.

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